MaxCare Comfort Heel Pads


Relief of sore, tired, aching heels

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Relief of sore, tired, aching heels

User Instruction:
Remove film and place in heel part of your shoes. Hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry. Reactivate adhesion by a few drops of water.

Pressure relief & Soft Comfort:
Applicable for: Any prolonged standing and walking activity, sore tired or lightly aching heels. If in doubt, consult your Medical Doctor or Podiatrist.
Prolonged standing or walking causes often sore, tired or aching heels due to pressures and shocks during gait. MaxCare feature an anatomically designed heel pad. it contains an extremely soft gel enabling improved pressure distribution, reducing peak pressures, while providing shock absorption.
Thereby, MaxCare provides not only an unusually soft comfort but also a relief of sore, tired or aching heels.

One Pair.

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